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Secure Socket Layer Certificate or SSL Certificate acts as the mainstay for secure internet system that afford comprehensive protection for the user’s credentials. Indeed SSL Certificate is very essential for business since the website with SSL Certificate are more likely to make customers stick on it and gives user protection for their information. For instance, user on making online transaction can save their credit card credential with the use of audit like PCI Compliance which requires SSL Certificate.

Moving with the latest and secure technology in the field of SSL Certificate, We at provides Secure Website with SSL and we make sure that the visitors of particular website knows well about the secured connection. This helps visitors identify when their connection is secured and probably leads to increased trust, business opportunities and sales.

Standard SSL Certificates

Our priority is your security and at we provide cost efficient and standard SSL Certificates to secure the more credential information such as Credit card number, username along with password that has been submitted by users to your site. With our SSL Certificate your visitors can have confidence using your website.

SSL Benefits

Encrypt Your Online Transactions

Phishing Attack Prevention

Choose From Wide Range of SSL Types

Install Across Multiple Servers

Extended Validation SSL

The most important usage of HostingSafety SSL certificates is the encryption of sensitive information and ensuring safety.

+ SSL Rs 1044/yrRs 2810/yrRs 4165/yr

Get secured by positive SSL certificate.

Go for selecting the type and year you wish.

Comodo SSL Rs 3432/yrRs 5430/yrRs 8145/yr

Get secured by comodo SSL certificate.

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+ SSL Wildcard Rs 4800/yrRs 8150/yrRs 12225/yr

Get secured by positive SSL wildcard certificate.

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Standard SSL Certificates

Not only are they much lower cost than the extended validation class certificate, standard SSL certificates will do the job of securing sensitive user data and giving your visitors confidence in your website.

Buy SSL | Symantec SSL

Large-scale market director in closing stage security, Data failure prevention and SSL Certificates, protects your business with innovation resources which go beyond SSL Certificate and provides secure way to buy online.

$34.95 USD Yearly

website security certificate | Comodo SSL

Comodo is among top certificate specialist, issuing SSL certificates that protect several website universally. We are connected with Comodo certificate provider to ensure every person should securely use the Internet.

$39.95 USD Yearly

SSL certificate price | Geo Trust SSL Certificate

Presents a range of value-price SSL Certificates, such as extended validation, full association support or domain authentication ensures with complete trustable protection so that customers make serenity with their site.

$44.95 USD Yearly

Thawte Certificate | Security Certificate

Thawte SSL certificate is very easy to install. With low cost and complete extended validation, they authenticate domain ownership before dispensing the SSL certificate. It gives higher level of assurance.

$49.95 USD Yearly

Rapid SSL | SSL encryption

RapidSSL as leading SSL authority ensures for quick encryption solution. It moves forward for the assurance of efficient, affordable and convenience of their product to satisfy customer’s safety needs.

$54.95 USD Yearly

Digicart website security certificate | Buy SSL

Ensures you with all the features you expect from SSL Certificates, also offers free discovery tool to find out SSL Certificates so that you can find it from your own network or server.

$59.95 USD Yearly

SSL certificates must be installed on your web server. Therefore, an end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain is hosted with Layerwebhost. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, please contact their support team for assistance with CSR generation and SSL installation. Due to a special Symantec pricing policy for Japan, layerwebhost does not support issuance of any GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte or Symantec certificates for domain names containing the “.jp” TLD and/or using Japan as a country in administrative or company addresses. Any attempt to issue such a certificate will result in an error. To obtain a refund for a certificate that resulted in an error, please contact our Support team. If you need a certificate that supports the Japanese attributes mentioned above, please consider Comodo products.