Important Legal Agreements

SLA Agreement:

Hostingsafety offers extensive range of hosting and domain solutions to the clients all over the Web and world. However, visitors are responsible to utilize our website with respect to the following terms and conditions.

Indemnification Policy:

You are hereby acknowledged that the you use Hostingsafety at your own risk. We shall not responsible for any loss or other commercial damage, including but not limited to incidental, special, consequential or other damages. Further customers are acknowledged that he is responsible for any grievance to any person to other property caused due to property or products sold in associated with our server.

Hostingsafty shall be the sole magistrate to what violates its policy. It has complete right to intervene any site hosted on its server in the interest of its customers.


We prefer different payments method including American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover Card and the payment will be made on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually basis (as depend on the plan). In case, if you are not satisfied with any of the existing plans purchased, the amount will be refundable (Money back guarantee day shall be varied) and the domain name registration fees will not be refundable.

Late Payments:

Our payment policy states that the accounts are billed on the date they were first activated on. In case of service renew, you will get an email before 5days. If you will not renew the service in 5days after activation, your account will be suspended, in case the it remains pending till 30 days after deactivation then the account will be terminated.

Acceptable Use Policy:

The customer hereby agrees to hold and indemnify any impairment to company or its employees resulting from the usage of service. The acceptable policy is strictly enforced therefore offending users and content are quickly suspended from our network as soon as they discernible. However, we inform you prior to any action taken. Pornography or any kind of offensive activity is prohibited on our servers.

Users or subscribers shall be acknowledged that service can be interrupted for many reasons except that the negligence of the company and the damages cause from service interruption (that are in nature, difficult to ascertain). Thereby, subscribers are agreed that the Hostingsafety shall not be liable for any damage resulting from causes that are beyond or company control.

Limitation of Liability:

Hostingsafety shall not be accountable for any claimed damages including consequential and incidental damages which may ascend from server going off line, deletion of any site from our server or server being unavailable for other reason whatsoever. Further all the damages shall be restricted to the instant termination of service.


We shall not be held liable for system downtime or data loss. Certain products or services offered by Hostingsafety is resold, therefore, software, equipment and programs used by us are not directly written by Hostingsafety. Furthermore, we are not accountable for the use of our patron’s account. If you are unable to follow any terms of our service, then the account in question will be automatically deactivated. Hostingsafety reserve the right to remove your account without prior notice or concern if the account doesn’t follow our rules and policy.

Moreover, Hostingsafety has the right to modify or change the above guidelines and policies without prior notification.