Business Emails

Hostingsafety being the professional email service provider, present completely trusted and reliable email solution which is endorsed by millions of email users, with high performance. We are also known as an excellent web hosting and domain name registration in India, offers the constant and flexible technology services which provides better performance over the respective time.

We have expertise in controlled server which is safe and secure that gives regular security. Prevailing as professional email service provider, our service price list is flexible that fits within your budget, further we offer continuous customer support available for 24/7 through phones and help lines by means of dedicated account supervisor.

Hostingsafety deliver ensued features such as:

  • Complete lively sync for iPhone, windows and also mobile base devices

  • Recovery, Backup and archiving

  • Folders, shared acquaintances, schedules with your colleagues

  • Precede directorial manage

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • 5 GB Space for Every User
  • 24/7 Global Support

Technical Specifications

5GB Space Per User
  • With 5GB space for every user, they’ll never run out of space.
  • Users can store all of their sent & received emails as well as attachments in this space.
  • All emails and attachments are backed up. This is not counted towards the 5GB space.
Email Clients & Protocols
  • Browser-based clients make email available anywhere.
  • Apps such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Mail are all fully supported.
  • Native apps on mobile devices can be easily configured to use Business Email Lite.
99.9% Uptime
  • Our rock-solid servers & storage ensure near 100% uptime.
  • Data-centers in multiple regions ensure complete availability of email across the globe.
Mailing Lists
  • Let communication be professional, now give it professional exclusivity with
  • Create and manage mailing list for internal and external users.
  • Get started with us with various email accounts you require

Everything You Need To Stay Connected

Free Website Building tool | Website Hosting India Easy to Use & Simple to Manage

Your users will be more productive when it is easy for them to stay connected. Business Email Lite is simple to manage so you will find more time to focus on your business.

Easy to use Control Panel | Hosting powered by Cpanel Email on Mobile

Business Email Lite supports email access on a wide variety of mobile devices and mobile mail clients.

Website Blacklist Monitoring | Check Domain Names Strong Spam Filters

Our anti-spam measures prevent spam from getting through. Advanced analysis techniques endure minimum spam gets through to your mailbox.

Get professional Emails | Business Emails Pay As You Go

You can buy few accounts or go higher. In either case, you get the benefits of paying monthly and only for what you purchased.

Multiple sites in Single server | domain search 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with the product, get a full refund of your product withing 30-days of purchase.

Server DNS system | Complete package of DNS system 24/7 Global Support

We are here to assist you 24-7-365 via Telephone, LiveChat and Email.